New. x:

Hola. I' x3 To both the game and the community.  And it seems no one's posted here in a whiiiiile.

But! I thought I'd share anyway. x: One of my few fics - and the only one so far that's been set in the RoR universe.

Title: Untitled
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: MegxDiana, but of course <3
Author: Me! :3
Summary: A little bit of drabble concerning how the Aristocracy might have formed.

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Blog crews, over here.

Rule of Rose, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and many other survival horror games, get 'em while they're hot! ♥
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You'll never be alone.

:D .... I live?
Anyways, with my slow return, I bring angst. Lots of it. In a DianaxMeg fic, which will be also posted to Goatsisters. Mmmk.


Title: My Love is like Thorns
Rating: PG
Author: Myself.
Summary: "Why?.. Because.... Your love is mine for the taking. And mine only."
Disclaimer: I do not own Rule of Rose, or any of their sexy characters.

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stop saying words

Back in the US...err, A.

And I'm back from my lovely European holiday, which was great fun though I'm glad chips are chips again and not fries.  That caused much confusion.

Anyway, I'm sorry to say that I'm running on empty right now and can't have a fic out for you yet, but I'd hate to come back empty-handed, so...

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The glasses breaking trend goes on! :D

This is the second Diana/Meg thing I've turned out. There are many, many more on the way, I assure you. A lot of Meg-centric stuff, too. So be prepared!

This one has a lot more of a light feeling to it, and I think I like it a lot better than I liked my other Meg/Diana piece.

As usual, it's un-beta'd (unless you count Meagan, who only gets free previews, and doesn't really correct anything) so...excuse any mistakes.

Title: 'A Gift'.
Author: Amie (pyratesss).
Pairing: Diana/Meg.
Rating: Pg-13, or so.
Summary: Diana broke Meg's glasses. Sort of. And now Meg needs them back.

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I have to dedicate this one to jinjojess, who also did a Meg glasses breaking fic. Hope she's having a good time in England, and may she return soon, and safely, with more stuff for us to read~

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Sheep Go to Heaven, Goats Go to Hell

Yes, I'm deviating from the almighty Queue.  But mireille_x has forced me to put this first since I want it up before England (and so that no one thinks I was copying when her series of Meg centric stories goes up, which I cannot wait to read).  Idea came from a casual comment by kingofdecay a few days ago about how much it would suck to have your glasses broken in a poor, rural 1930's orphanage.  If this seems rushed and gross, it's because it is; I'm simultaneously packing and doing laundry for my own trip to London.

Title: Know-It-All
Author: Jess
Pairing: Diana x Meg (booboo lancasta: Diana's love is like woah!)
Rating: PG
Summary: Who'd want to adopt Meg?

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Hope you're not too mad at me, mireille_x
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Baby girl smiling.


title: darkest hours
author: one-handed peter
pairing: diana/meg
category: angst
summary: meg discovers a terrible secret and then winds up with one of her own.
status: incomplete.

for jinjojess, partially because shes a bad mammajamma that you know you can't fuck with, but also because she gave me this storyline.

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First try. D;

My first official try at Diana/Meg! :D;;

I hate it, and I think my Diana blows pretty badly. In fact, I hate the whole thing; I feel I ended up rambling (from Meg's POV, when I intended to do Diana POV, too) and not going anywhere with the plot...but, here it is, all the same.

Title: 'Gradual'.
Author: Amie (pyratesss).
Pairing: Diana/Meg.
Rating: Pg-13, maybe R.
Summary: Some of Meg's thoughts, some of Diana's doubts, and a companionship they can't give up.

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Dedicated to classicxsmile, my Meg. ♥

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